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New MacBook Retina Replacement Parts

Select the year and size of your Macbook below. If you arent sure what part you need, you can use the Ultimate Mac Lookup tool. Type in your laptops serial number located on the bottom to find out which part will work for you.
You can read the description of the different types below to get and idea of the differences.

LCD Replacement Types

There are 4 different types of replacement parts. One for each size (13" and 15") and one for each Model ("Late 2012"/"Early 2013" and "Late 2013")

The "Late 2012" and "Early 2013" models use the same parts. It has a 6 pin cable connector for the web camera. Here you can find the MacBook Retina 15 Screen Replacement Part and the MacBook Retina 13 Screen Replacement Part.

The "Late 2013" use a different type of part. It has a 12 pin cable connector for the webcam. Here are the 13" Retina screen and 15" Retina screen pages for the "Late 2013"


Retina Parts Details

Manufacturer: Apple

Package: 1 Brand New Genuine LCD screen replacement with LCD glass panel attached from the factory with all cables (WiFi,  Webcam and LCD)

Description: These are New LCD Screen Assembly with Retina Display replacement parts. They include the bezel, back casing, hinges, and cables


MacBook Pro Retina Screen Repair Service

We provide a Macbook Retina Screen Repair Service if you dont want to fix it yourself.
365 Laptop Repair specializes in cracked screen repairs and has performed many repairs for our online and walk in customers.

Other Repair Services

We can also fix anything else that is wrong with your laptop. Visit our Repair Services page for more information!


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