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Toshiba Satellite C55DT Series Digitizer

$ 189.95

Does your Toshiba C55DT have a cracked screen? This part is the perfect replacement!

Manufacturer: Toshiba

Part Number: V000321230 

Compatibility: C55DT Series

Package: 1 Digitizer (Touch Screen)

Description: This part is the digitizer (touch screen). See below for the LCD screen. Part is in excellent cosmetic condition. It has only minimal signs of previous use. Pulled from a working C55DT laptop computer. It is 100% fully functional, has been tested and is guaranteed to work perfectly for the Toshiba C55DT. Perfect for performing a Toshiba C55DT screen replacement.
Check out our instructional video below on how to perform this repair yourself!

Warranty: We offer 90 days warranty on this part or 6 months if we perform the complete installation service.

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We also provide a Toshiba C55DT screen replacement mail-in service. 365 Laptop repair specializes in cracked screen repairs and has performed many Toshiba C55DT touch screen replacements.

Purchase just the LCD screen for $79.95

Condition: Used