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13" A1502 Mid 2013 - Early 2015 Macbook Pro Retina LCD Screen Assembly Part

$ 550.00

Does your Macbook Pro 13" 2013 Retina need a screen replacement? This is the perfect replacement screen part! Check out our screen replacement video that shows you how to replace the screen yourself!
Unlike other sellers, this item is Genuine and in brand new condition. It has not been refurbished and will not come apart due to a repair.

Macbook Pro 13" 2013 Retina Display Assembly Details


LCD Replacement Types


There are 4 different screen types of replacements. One for each size (13" and 15") and one for each Model ("Late 2012"/"Early 2013" and "Late 2013")

The "Late 2012" and "Early 2013" models use the same screen. It has a 6 pin cable connector for the web camera.  Here you can find the MacBook Retina 15" 2012 screen replacement

The "Late 2013" use a different type of LCD. It has a 12 pin cable connector for the webcam. The LCD for sale on this page is for the 13 Inch and here is the 15" Retina for the "Late 2013".


Description and what is included with purchase

Apple Part Number:


Package: 1 Brand New Never Used LCD Screen With LCD/Glass panel attached from the factory. 

Description: This is a Brand New Apple Macbook Pro A1502 13" Full Complete LCD Screen Assembly replacement part with Retina display, Bezel, Hinges, Cable.

Compatibility:  "Late 2013" Model. Will not work for 2012 or "Early 2013" models.


Warranty: We warranty our screen replacement parts for 90 days! We are not responsible for improper installations or damaged connectors.

Manufacturer: Apple


MacBook Pro Retina Repair Service

We provide a Macbook Pro Retina Screen Repair service if you don't want to fix it yourself. 365 Laptop repair specializes in cracked screen repairs and has performed many Macbook Retina screen replacements.

We can repair anything else that is wrong with your Macbook as well. Visit our Repair Service page for these repairs!


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Condition: New

Brand: Apple

MPN: 661-8153

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