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MacBook 12 Inch A1534Screen Replacement Part


Manufacturer: Apple

Condition: New

Price: $449.99

MacBook 12 Parts Number: LSN120DL01-A
Other Parts Numbers: MJ4N2CH MF865CH

Compatibility: Apple MacBook 12 Inch 2015 Desktop computers.
Order Numbers: MF855LL/A and MF865LL/A


MacBook 12 Inch Replacement Part Details

This is a MacBook 12" screen replacement for the A1534. The part number LSN120DL01-A.

A heat gun and a prying tool is required to remove the old LCD from the MacBook screen assembly. With the application of heat and a good prying tool you can separate it. Dont put in your tool too far or you might damage the inside of the screen. You can watch our tutorial video to find out more!

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Our screen repair service

Do you not want to do the replacement yourself? You are in luck because we have a MacBook 12 Inch Repair Service! Send in your computer to us and we will do the screen repair for you!


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Condition: New

Brand: Apple


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