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We have performed many Macbook repairs have most repair parts in stock! Our turn around time on these models is 1-2 business days! We can fix all Macbooks, including the Retina Display (2012 - 2013 - 2014 - 2015)

We are very confident in our work and becasuse of that we offer a 3 month warranty on our repairs!

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Apple A1502

Do you not know the reason your MacBook isn't working? Mail it in to use and we will check it out for you!
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Once we recieve your laptop we will inform your of its arrival and then perform a full diagnostic test. We will then let you know what the problem is and what the best option for repair is.

In the event that we end up carrying out a repair on your computer, this service is free! Should you make the choice to not to have a repair performed by us is a $49 diagnostic fee. 

If you know the repair that you need and don’t see it here or perhaps you prefer to contact us about specifics, you may use our Repair Estimate Page to get a Free Repair Quotation.


We provide two different MacBook Retina screen repair services.

The first one is a complete LCD screen assembly replacement. It includes the LCD, the screen metal back casing, camera and wifi antenna. It is good for when the back casing is severely bent or damaged.

The second one is a MacBook Pro Retina glass and LCD repair only. In this repair we change only the glass and LCD while reusing the old back casing. We can offer this much cheaper than the full assembly repair.

Unlike many other repair shops, the screens we use for our service are in brand new condition.

For our Retina replacement service we provide a 12 month warranty on the parts and the repair service. It includes a zero dead pixel policy!

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The above page for our repair tutorials, and required parts!


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This laptop comes stock with a 256GB Solid state drive (SDD).  The SSD that this laptop uses is very specific so it is very expensive.

Upgrade your hard drive so you can store more stuff on your laptop!

This service includes the installation and set up of the replacement drive only, and includes a 3 year warranty.
Need to keep your old data or want a fresh operation system installed? We recommend you include the necessary things you want from the Software Upgrade and Repair section below.

We will send back your old hard disk drive to you. In the event your hard disk drive is non-functional data recovery solutions are provided, Contact Us for more information.

Solid-state drives 

Solid-state drives deliver more rapid boot times and ultra-fast performance. It is very common for solid-state computers to boot entirely in under 10 seconds. Moving from traditional to SSD storage devices is undoubtedly the best way to increase the performance of your system.




Sadly, Retina Macbooks have integrated RAM (memory) and we aren't able to upgrade it.

If your laptop doesn't have a functioning DC jack you wont be able to charge it. DC jack repairs are some of the most common repairs we do, so we will have your computer up and running quickly!

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There are a variety of warning signs that point to the fact you need your Logic Board repaired which include: Video problems, power-on issues, strange beeping, and boot failure. This is also the suggested repair for liquid spills.


Having your hard drive replaced? Have you been having difficulties with your operating system not working? Does your pc have a virus that you need to get rid of? Do you have a broken hard disk drive you need to try to recover?

These are all problems that can be solved in our Software Repairs and Upgrades section!




So you say your trackpad isn't working well? This repair will most likely fix your problem!

The trackpad on this computer is quite hard to get to because it is under the battery and the battery is glued into the laptop.

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Laptop battery not holding the amount of power it used to? With our battery replacement service your laptop will once again hold a full charge!

The laptops battery is quite hard to remove because it is glued to the inside of the computer.

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Keyboard not working? Is your Palmrest damaged? We can replace both of these parts.

The keyboard is integrated into the palmrest so in order to replace one, we will have to replace them both.

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Need to replace your keyboard, palmrest, battery, trackpad?

With this repair, we replace all 4 of these parts becasue they are connected together.

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