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Dell XPS 13-9360 Non-touch FHD Screen Part only

$ 299.99

Is your Dell XPS screen cracked? This is the perfect replacement part!

NEW Dell XPS 13-9360 13.3 13"  LCD FHD Non touch + Digitizer Panel 0DJCP6
Manufacturer: Dell

Part Number: 0DJCP6 or DJCP6

screen part number : LQ133M1JW21

Compatibility: Dell XPS 13-9360 Model

Dell XPS 13-9360

Regulatory model: P54G  |  Type: P54G002


Package: 1 LCD Screen With Digitizer/Glass panel attached from the factory. 

Description: This is a 100% Genuine Dell replacement part. It is tested and guaranteed to work. The item is a brand new replacement screen and digitizer assembly.

Warranty: We offer 90 days warranty on this part or 6 months if we perform the screen repair..

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We also provide a Dell XPS screen replacement mail-in service for the Dell XPS 13-9360 .
365 Laptop repair specializes in cracked screen repairs and has performed many Dell XPS 13-9360 screen repairs.

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Condition: New

The Dell XPS 13-9360 screen replacement service that we provide includes the cost of a brand new LCD screen + Digitizer (Touch screen) and the labor to install it. This service also comes with a No Dead Pixel Guarantee and a 3-month warranty on parts and service. We use genuine new LCDs, not aftermarket or cloned products.

There are two different types of screens for this model; the FHD version and UHD version. These can be determined by resolution. The resolution for the FHD is  1920x1080 while the QHD is 3840x2160.

Screen Part number for non touch FHD (1920 x 1080)  :  0DJCP6

screen part number : LQ133M1JW21

Screen Part number for touch FHD (1920 x 1080)  :  HJ6Y9

Screen Part number for QHD (3200 x 1800)  : N6CH2


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