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Apple iMac 27 inch A1419 (5K Retina) Mid 2017 Model


If you would like to do a Apple iMac Screen Replacement yourself, we have created an How To Video that guides you through the process of the Apple iMac LCD repair.

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Compatibility: Apple  iMac  27 inch  A1419 (5K Retina) 2017

Apple iMac  27 inch  A1419




Regulatory model:  A1419

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Technical Specifications


Processor: 7th Generation Intel® Core™ Intel  ,Core i5, Core i7

RAM: 8GB or 16GB or 32GB


  • Upto Radeon Pro 575 graphics (i5 processor)
  • Upto Radeon Pro 580 graphics (i7 processor)

Screen Size: 27"


• 27 inch IPS 5120x2880 (5K Retina) Display

Default OS:  macOS

Release Year:  2017

Other Names:

  • Apple  iMac 27 inch  A1419





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The screen for this laptop is a LCD covered with glass. The glass is not availible on the market, so we cannot just replace the LCD screen. In order to fix the screen, we replace the entire LCD screen assembly which includes the LCD, the screen metal back casing, camera and wifi antenna.

Apple part number :661-07323




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There are a variety of symptoms that indicate you may need your logic board repaired such as: Video problems, power-on issues, unexplained beeping, boot failure, heat, sound or sleep issues.

This is the recommended repair for liquid spills.

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